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One of my lovely costumers returned to me recently with a request to create a necklace stamped with the words “Love” “Courage” & “Compassion” What a beautiful idea for a piece of jewellery I thought...

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How to upgrade the significance of a birthday gift.

Sometimes, my job gets very interesting. Every now and then I’ll have someone contact me and ask me to make them something that is a little outside the realm of my usual work. But because I’m an ‘outside of the box’ kind of person, I absolutely love it! It is what makes custom made jewellery so much fun and so beautiful, every job is a new adventure, a new exploration of ideas and techniques, and a resulting new bespoke piece of jewellery.

A little while back I had this message appear via facebook from ‘Serious Clowne’: “Hi Emily, I’m the partner of Preprint. She has been an admirer of your jewellery for a long time now. I would like to buy something for her birthday in September…” I had seen Serious Clowne’s name pop up from time to time liking my posts on facebook and Instagram, but it was the name Preprint that I knew very well. We had been following each other for years on instagram and sharing a mutual admiration for feathers and street art. So I was surprised that the choice of design for the gift wasn’t feather related, instead Serious Clowne wanted earrings that looked like branches for his partner’s gift.

Pink Bottlebrush branch

Now I could have hand carved branch earrings, but I came up with a better idea and sent Serious Clowne off to rummage through nature and find the perfect branch for his partner’s earrings. I always find that inviting the client to be involved in the design and creative process gives them another level of connection within the custom made experience that increases the significance of the jewellery, and finding that perfect branch from a significant place would make the end result so much more meaningful. When I met with Serious Clowne to receive the chosen branch, he told me just how meaningful it was. It was a pink bottlebrush branch. There had been a pink bottlebrush out the front of their home in Sydney and again out the front of the home they found and came to love in Melbourne. That pink bottlebrush in bloom certainly increased the desire to buy their house, and has been a beautiful sight in their yard ever since. I knew then as he described the significance of the branch and the story behind it that I had done the right thing in sending them off in search of this meaningful branch to use.


Pink Bottlebrush Branch

Serious Clowne told me how difficult it had been to find a small enough pink bottlebrush branch that would be suitable but eventually they did stumble across one they loved. The branch, although small, was still a little large for jewellery purposes so we needed to trim it down to a more appropriate earring size, so we then sat down together and discussed which parts drew them to choose that branch, and how long the earrings were to be, what style of hooks were to be attached etc. And then it was time for me to get to work. I chopped out some areas and re-joined the branch back together and had a mould made.


Branch earrings in the making

As I had suspected, even after we chopped a lot of the branch away, it still turned out to be too heavy to wear comfortably as earrings, so I set about altering the form in wax to lighten the load. It took some time but I eventually got there in the end and created two branches that mirrored each other in their layout, but each branch was ever so slightly different, just as branches are in nature. I then took my wax braches to be cast in sterling silver.

Bottlebrush earrings in sterling silver

After some hook making and finishing touches, the result was a pair of balanced and naturally beautiful bottlebrush earrings.

Bottlebrush earrings

It’s Preprint’s birthday today and she’s off enjoying the sunshine wearing her new bottlebrush earrings. I’m so pleased to have been a part of the birthday celebrations, and it’s so nice when a customer truly loves their partner’s gift. Oh, and somewhere along the way I learned that their names are Matthew and Maré… Happy Birthday Maré and thank you Matthew for asking me to make your precious gift!

Gift wrapping top image

If you have a loved one’s birthday or anniversary coming up and want something unique and custom made then please get in touch. I’d love to help make the day as special and as meaningful as can be.




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