Custom Design

Custom Design Jewellery and Accessories

Custom designed and custom made jewellery is a cut above the rest simply because there is nothing else like it. It is entirely unique to you – your story, your style. Emily Becher custom made pieces are more than just jewellery – they are wearable art, and infinitely more special than anything mass produced. Whether it is an everyday necklace or earrings, or a special occasion ring or bracelet; an abundance of time, thought, and attention to detail goes into every custom made piece. From something simple to a potential family heirloom, you can count on a piece that is truly inimitable.

Custom Design Engagement and Wedding Rings

Love. Life. That fluttering excitement as you work with your chosen designer on your custom made engagement ring; the anticipation you feel when you reveal what’s inside the box to your loved one. As the designer, Emily understands that once-in-a-lifetime moments call for meaningful pieces to match. In the design process, she will discuss everything essential from your partner’s style, personality and likes; to the all-important cut, colour, clarity and carat for diamonds. Emily uses only the finest ethically sourced gemstones and offers a variety of precious gems which can also be incorporated as a beautiful compliment to the diamonds and popular 18 carat gold and platinum bands.

Ready to Wear Jewellery and Accessories

Focusing on the tactile nature of the jewellery – how it feels in your hands, against your skin. Smooth polished surfaces contrasted with captivating textures; thoughtful mood-evoking pieces that are as interesting as they are dimensional. The ready to wear collection features silver and 9 carat gold, and comprises jewellery and accessories for everyday or occasion-based use. Worn as a standalone piece or complemented with matching items, understated or statement-making, effortless chic is always the end result. Emily Becher Jewellery is not exclusive to women. The ready to wear collection also features androgyny-inspired jewellery and accessories designed for style-conscious men who favour the fine balance between a distinctive feature and understatement.

Jewellery Remodelling

Do you own a piece of pre-loved jewellery that you no longer wear? Perhaps it’s broken beyond repair or maybe it’s just not your style. Emily specialises in remodelling your unworn gold jewellery, melting it down and fashioning it into something new to enjoy while still maintaining its sentimental value to you and your family. Contact Emily to discuss what options work best for you.

Jewellery Repairs

Find out how your beloved piece can be fixed.